Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Some Family Fun

 In the valley behind our house there is a river.  It is a source of sustenance for the local people, providing drinking water, washing water, bathing water....and plenty of entertainment.  One of the popular activities for the teenagers, visitors & guys on station is to float the river on an inner-tube.  My kids are very jealous of all the times Randy has been tubing, but often the river is either moving too fast or too shallow and rocky for it to be safe for the kids.  When we went down to play at the river a little while ago we noticed that the local villagers had created a nice tubing channel on one side of the river so the next day we went back with some tubes and had some great family fun.  Here are the pictures:

Daddy & Lexi

Daddy and Ethan (Look!  They match!)

Daddy & Emma (Notice he still got to go more often than anyone else!  How does he do that?)

Mommy even got a turn! (have you ever tried tubing in a skirt?)

The kids got to go solo in the wading area right next to the tubing run.

Emma's just chillin!
As much fun as our family had playing in the river, I think there might have been even more fun had by all the people watching us...and laughing.  We talked about it on the way home, how they were laughing because we are so much different than what they are used to and how we provided some entertainment and laughter in their day.  Emma decided, "I would be happy to provide them with this kind of entertainment any time!"

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