Friday, April 22, 2011

Life at Kudjip...

 Ok, I realize that we have been here a month and I haven't yet made good on my promise to get better about the frequency of my blog entries.  Let me remind you that it is Easter weekend and a time of renewed focus on forgiveness!

First let me cover some basics...

This is the fabulous view from the back of our house:
This is my fabulous husband headed off on a walk-about:

This is my dishwasher (not so fabulous!!):
Our first package, definitely fabulous that it arrived before Easter since it contained the kid's Easter outfits, candy and plastic eggs! 
We pooled resources with the Kerr family at the Bible College today.  We colored eggs (their contribution) hunted for eggs filled with candy (our contribution) and generally had a great time hanging out together.

I think I have mentioned going to town.  I don't know if I have mentioned that we have a couple of vehicles on station that all the missionaries & doctors share.  We each pay a per kilometer price when we use the vehicle.  Since it is about $60 USD for a trip to Mt. Hagen we try to carpool (and split the cost) as often as possible.  On this particular day Gail was our driver and we took the van so we would have enough room for the 5 of us and the groceries for 3 families:

This is Gail and I at the Mt. Hagen market.  This is probably my favorite and most drastic difference from the states.  What used to cost $40 or more per week for produce now runs somewhere around $10 a week and it is some of the best produce you can imagine. 

Well, it has taken me the better part of the afternoon to get these photos uploaded.  I think I need to take a break and figure out what we are having for dinner at the Goossens house!  I have already picked out some pictures to to a "kid update" for the next blog entry.  Maybe tonight... maybe tomorrow...we will see!

Love from PNG,
The Goossens


  1. And you are quite fabulous too Joani! What a gorgeous place! Jealous of the produce. Hugs & prayers. Marcie.

  2. Loving the beard, Randy! I'm thinking of growing one myself... What do you think?