Saturday, February 5, 2011

Suitcases, boxes and bags, Oh My!

We are in the middle of an exercise called being prepared, yet flexible.  This is quite an adventure!  We have suitcases in the corner of the living room that are being packed for the journey to PNG, we have boxes scattered around the house that are being packed with belongings to be stored while we are gone and we are trying to maintain some sort of normalcy for the kids in the midst of it all.

The big change this week is that Randy has gone down to working 3 days a week.  This is a huge help in all of the preparations that still need to be taken care of.  (It is also nice to have him around more!).

Next week is another big step as we move out of our house so we can get it all cleaned up and rented out.  We will be staying with Oma and Opa (aka Randy's parents or Jack and Ingrid) until D-day.  If our careful planning pans out (and the PNG government cooperates) we will be there 2-3 weeks.

Well, I had better get going...the kids are playing and the boxes are calling my name! Happy Saturday to all!

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