Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas is Coming...

Christmas at the Goossens house is an interesting affair this year.  On the one hand we have the tree up and wrapped presents keep appearing under the tree.  On the other hand our cupboards are being emptied out and the boxes are stacking up.  On the one hand we are super excited about Grandma and Auntie Lori coming to visit this year.  On the other hand we are keenly aware that this will be the last face to face visit for a while. The constant this year as in every past year...we are truely blessed!

Just one example: I was debating getting some beautiful plush blankets with Disney characters on them for the kids.  I have long declined the pleas for such bedding because they change their mind so often, but this seemed like the perfect opportunity to give in and create something special for them in our new home.  I talked it over with Randy and he was on board so I went to Costco and bought them...only to decide on the way home that we had too many other things to take care of and they already had bedding we could take so I was going to return them.  Later that day I was over at my neighbor's house and noticed that she too had gotten some of the blankets, when I commented on it she said she said they were for my kids for Christmas.  I love that God meets our needs and cares for the desires of my little ones' hearts too!

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